Are you a Carer?

Gloucestershire Carers Hub wants to find out what would help carers to be more confident to engage in activities and how to best support them.

COVID-19 has been particularly challenging for many carers as outlined in the Carers UK report ‘Caring Behind Closed Doors’ and voiced by local carers. A lack of respite, problems with accessing food and medication and a huge sense of uncertainty have led to many carers feeling anxious, including about going back out into their community as lockdown eases. Some are worried about a lack of social distancing; others are concerned that the person they care for has a hidden illness which means they don’t have to wear a mask and are worried about how people will react the short survey

Gloucestershire Carers Hub invite carer’s to watch a short film (1.5 minutes)

and complete a short survey at

Gloucestershire Carers Hub can send a paper version or carers can complete over the telephone: 0300 111 9000 or email: